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Wente Summer Camp 2016

Wente Scout Reservation boasts 2200 beautiful acres of pristine wilderness run by an enthusiastic, experienced staff and offering one the most diverse programs to be found. Wente's 80-acre lake offers a natural setting for swimming, sailing, boating and canoeing. It is considered one of the warmest lakes in the state. The lake also offers some prime fishing with many trophy bass caught by both the expert and novice angler.

Wente Scout Reservation is a chance to backpack, sail, fish, ride horses, and go rock climbing all in one week. Scouts may take a try at black powder musket firing, kayaking and rappelling. Expert instruction in popular outdoor skills merit badges will make the Scoutcraft area come alive. Wente is rich in wildlife and allows for the study of conservation, reforestation, wildlife management, woodcraft and nature study. Rifle, shotgun and archery shooting are also popular activities.

Troop 8 will be spending a week at Camp Wente this summer from July 10 - 16. All scouts are invited to attend, young and old alike. This is a great opportunity for new scouts and freshly crossed-over Webelos to earn advancement through Wente's Eagle Trail program.

Cost for the week is $350 if paid in full by April 19. (Newly crossed-over Webelos have an extension until May 17 for payment.) Note that even though actual Wente costs have increased, the Troop 8 committee has voted to subsidize our summer camp fees! Without subsidy, the total cost would be over $450 per, but the troop is contributing over $100 per scout!

A $30 late fee may apply for payments received after the due dates. A $50 discount applies to brothers who also sign up. (First scout is fees are $350, each brother is an additional $300.) These fees and dates are based on the schedule set forth by Wente. We will do our best to accommodate reasonable delays and refunds but are constrained by camp policies.

Adults are also invited to attend all or part of camp. And, of course, were looking for drivers. The troop subsidizes a limited number of adults (based on the number of scouts attending) who can stay the whole week -- fees are only $100. We will hold a lottery if too many adults sign up. Adults staying in camp overnight must attend a mandatory Wente adult leader meeting in advance of camp.

So come join Troop 8 and have fun at Camp Wente. It may well be the highlight of your summer!

Important Dates

  • Upon signup:
  • First payment of $150 due
  • Tue Apr 19:
  • Balance of $200 due
  • Tue May 17:
  • Orientation meeting (following troop meeting)
  • Tue May 17:
  • Cross-over Webelos payment due ($350 in full)
  • Tue May 17:
  • Forms due
  • Sun Jul 10:
  • Head to camp!!!
  • Sat Jul 16:
  • Return


These are the forms and documents that are required for Wente. These forms must be filled out, signed, and turned in by the May 17th Troop Meeting (or hand delivered by May 31st at the very latest).

  • Annual Health and Medical Record (PDF format)

    This is the BSA official Annual Health and Medical Record form. Scouts and adults attending Wente will be required to submit parts A, B and C. Note that parts A and B both require a parent signature, but part C must be filled out by a licensed medical professional who may require that your son schedule a physical exam. Plan ahead so you're not rushed when the forms are due!

  • Firearms Release Form (PDF format)

    This is the legalese required for a scout to use and fire any kind of firearm. You will need to submit one whether your son is taking a shooting MB or not, as we may be able to arrange for a troop shoot. You need only fill out one of the three portions.

  • Troop Permission Slip (PDF format)

    This is the Troop's permission slip and consent to medical treatment.

  • Merit Badge Info and Merit Badge Schedule (PDF format)

    Coming soon! These documents describe the mereit badges offered at Wente and the epxectations about the difficulty of earning them. The second is a schedule of when the badges are offered. Please print out the schedule and highlight your merit badge choices by time slot.

Camp Information

We will hold a Wente informational meeting for parents and scouts after the May 17 Troop Meeting. If you want to prereview, you can download a PDF of last year's presentation from the meeting.

  • Leader's Guide 2015 (PDF format)

    This packet has tons of information about Wente. It is targeted towards the leaders organizing the trip, but there's good information for parents and scouts as well. This is last year's guide but will be updated when Wente releases the 2016 guide.

  • Equipment List (PDF format)

    This is a list of what to bring and not bring to summer camp. Don't forget to wear your class-A uniform with your bathing suit underneath.

You can also find out information about Wente from the camp's very own web page.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

Dan Ferguson
Email Dan
Troop 8 is a member of the Silvergate District of the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council.
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